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Ecco Men's Golf Biom H4 Shoe - White


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BIOM® H4 features the new BIOM® 2.0 last which offers a modern, updated look and feel. Combined with BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® Technology, this enables the foot to move naturally, with low-to-the-ground stability, and forms like a second skin around the foot.

The innovative new ECCO MTN GRIP outsole includes three sections to provide the ideal blend of traction, ground penetration and rotational support, with T.PU MIDFOOT POSTS wrapping around the foot from the outsole to the midsole, providing 360° stability.

ECCO FLUIDFORMTM Direct Comfort Technology is a ‘state change’ process that uses specialised fluid materials to form around an anatomical last, ensuring a finely-tuned balance of cushioning and rebound.

The shoe’s uppers are crafted from premium, durable and thin ECCO performance leather, made in ECCO’s own tanneries, providing natural protection from wind and water. This is enhanced with 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX technology that keeps feet dry and comfortable in all conditions.


Developed by ECCO over three decades, FLUIDFORMTM is the technology that enables us to create our ergonomically advanced soles. This ground-breaking technology is unique to ECCO GOLF in the golf industry and has enabled us to create durable and reliable golf shoes.

Utilising robotic precision, the pioneering technology allows a resilient, shock-absorbent material to be directly injected into the shoe mould, bonding the sole to the upper instantly and seamlessly, without compromising flexibility and wear common with glued or stitched assemblies.

The result is a reliable, watertight and durable connection between the upper and the sole unit that delivers a finely-tuned balance of cushioning and rebound.




Based on the knowledge gained from studying over 2,500 individual foot- scans, aiming for the most natural shaped last possible, the ECCO BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® last shape was developed for extraordinary comfort. It enables the foot to move and flex in its natural way, allowing proper torsion.

By shifting your landing from the heel to the mid-foot, it allows your foot muscles to move more naturally, eliminating any discomfort and reducing your chance of injury, while allowing for more effective use of your foot’s muscles.

The result is a shoe that delivers unrivalled comfort throughout the day, working ergonomically with the shape of your foot to deliver performance.

Following the biomechanics of your foot allows for natural movement, providing better push-off and maximum forward movement.

Low-to-the-ground construction allows the foot to react naturally to the ground for improved stability, creating ground feedback and encouraging leg muscles to strengthen with every step.

We have designed an anatomical last that matches the natural curves of the foot. This, combined with soft and durable ECCO leathers, or bonded textile uppers, result in a glove-like fit.




The yak is a remarkable animal that lives in the alpine rangeland of the Tibetan Plateau; it thrives in extreme conditions where few other animals can survive. Likewise, ECCO YAK performance leather is extremely strong and abrasion resistant due to the thin, compact woven collagen fibre and closed fine grain. These make it possible for us to cut the hides into thin leathers, thereby reducing the weight without sacrificing performance. Other benefits include high breathability and a remarkably soft hand feel.


OrthoLite® is the leading provider of comfort and performance insoles found in more than 500 million pairs of shoes each year. All OrthoLite® foams contain 5% recycled rubber - helping keep hundreds of tonnes of waste out of landfills each year - and unlike traditional foam, OrthoLite® foam compresses less than 5% over the lifetime of the product, meaning the cushioning, fit, comfort and performance never change. The unique open-cell structure of OrthoLite® foam creates a moisture management system, helping to move moisture
away and provide a cooler, drier, healthier environment in any application. OrthoLite® foam’s open-cell PU technology is 95% to 100% breathable, allowing air to circulate in and around the foam, keeping the surrounding environment cooler.


ECCO GOLF is the only major golf footwear manufacturer to collaborate with GORE®, the world leader in long-lasting waterproof protection, to ensure its range of footwear keeps feet dry and cool in all conditions.

GORE-TEX is highly breathable and 100% waterproof, as a thin membrane between the leather upper and lining prevents external moisture from penetrating, while also allowing natural moisture to escape.

Or 6 payments of $63.33 with
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