Covid - Wave two


Level 2

Both the range and the shop will be open again from Monday 31/8/2020. The range is back operating 24 hours  and the shop from 7am through till around 7pm (earlier on weekends).

You will no longer need to book, but you will need to register once you arrive. This applies to both the driving range and the shop. It will be easier if you are able to do this from your phone using our Covid Tracer QR code but we will provide a way for everyone to register.

We are going to require every person to be in their own individual bay. This means there is to be no spectators or congregating in the walkway. Groups will be seperated in to individual bays. We need to do this to ensure social distancing. We will also not allow congregating or loitering in the carpark. 

We will begin fittings again and the shop will be open. The hours may not be the same as pre-Covid so give us a call on 0800 JKS GOLF (08005574653)

Please be patient as we try to navigate these difficult times.


The Team at JK’s World of Golf

Saturday, 15th August, 2020
Covid-19 Level 3

Good morning all, hope you are staying safe.

Please take the time to read this in full! There has been lot of changes as to how we will be operating to ensure that we can provide a safe and sterile environment for our customers to enjoy the range and get back in to golf as we come through these testing times. So please try to work with us.

JK’s World of Golf driving range is set to re-open today (Sunday 16th August) from 9am and remain open till around 5pm, however, it is not business as usual. We are opening under some very strict rules and reduced hours in order to comply with government regulations and their specific guidelines for golf and society in general.

JK’s World of Golf has an obligation to ensure the safety of its’ customers and a responsibility to the country to aid in the battle against Covid-19. Please be patient and try to work with us.

The shop, toilets and practice green will be closed to the public. Orders can be made online through our website www.jksworldofgolf.co.nz ,or in some cases where it can’t be purchased online, over the phone.

Bookings and registration are essential. For bookings tomorrow please email us for future bookings give us a call tomorrow on 0800 JKS GOLF (08005574653). Because of the need to take bookings we have assigned time limits to our ball quantities. Half a basket (approximately 50 balls) is a 30 minute booking, a full basket (approximately 100 balls) is a one hour booking. We will monitor this over the next week and see if it needs to be adjusted but for now we’ll give this a go. When you book we will assign you a bay, once you arrive you can go directly to your bay and your balls should be there waiting for you. You cannot share your balls. Please arrive promptly and on time for your booking, once your time has finished please do not loiter and proceed to exit through the marked doors and leave immediately. There must be no loitering or congregating in the carpark. If you arrive early to your booking please wait in your car until your booked time. Entry will be through the “Late Night Entrance” side door. The exit on the bays to the right of the shop will be through the door at the end of the range, the exit to the bays on the left of the shop will be through the fire exit out to the putting green.

One person per bay. There will be a limit of one person per bay. To ensure social distancing we will only be using every second bay. You will be assigned a bay and you must stay within that bay. This applies even to those within your bubble.

You must bring your own equipment! No hire clubs will be available and No sharing of equipment this applies even to those within your bubble.

If you have an eKey, the prepaid electronic fobs, you will still need to book!

Please do not arrange to meet anyone outside your bubble.

We are trying to get through this together so please try to adhere to these rules and try to work with the staff during these stressful times. If we think someone is flaunting the rules or putting others at risk we will ask them to leave and they will not receive any refund.