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Darrell Knight

Got in to the game at about 12 years old as an armature won Junior tournaments club champs, as well as Senior events and club champs. Represented Auckland played in the New Zealand Open, Charles Tour, Pro-Am's In NZ and over seas Lowest scores in Compaction was -8 tying the course record at Lagoona Quays In Queensland. -8 Second place Pro am at the Whitsundays GC.  Youngest person to have a hole in one on a par 4 at 19 and many other achievements over the years. Now at 50 years old and looking forward to getting on some Senior Tour event when covid has passed. I have taken the opportunity to do the PGA Traineeship as a carrier change. I have always enjoyed helping other players Juniors, seniors from all walks of life to improve there game to a higher level to get more of their own enjoyment out of the game.  Being thanked for helping them play better and winning events is always a great satisfaction.

So I am happy to help pass on knowledge I have gained and give guidance to help enjoy this great game for the future ahead.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams!


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Want to learn some shots that could save you strokes on the golf course and impress your playing partner’s!

I Will be holding some evening classes limited to 6 players to come for one hour to watch and learn some shots that will help you look at different types of shot to give you more then one option for different situations.  Shots I have learnt and used from other players and pro’s that are good friends  over the year Being 50 that’s just a few years. That have help and now wanting to pass some of that information on. Will cover question and answers over shots on the night. 

Classes Held at JK’s World of Golf 7:30pm till 8:30pm for Juniors and peasants 8:30pm till 9:30pm Open to all. 20th -21st April,  11th 12th May Come along have some fun Look forward to seeing you there.   

Cost per person $20 and this will be donated towards the fundraiser I will be doing at the end of the year. Feel free to look it up, Hit For Life at or on Give a little, Hit For Life If you would like to donate more you can do so there. 

Hi I’m Darrell Knight and I am base here at JK’s World of golf Doing a PGA Traineeship. You will find behind the counter serving customers and basic club repairs on the Night shift till the early hours in the morning. So, if you’re a night owl or a really early bird you will find me here. Times before and after are available for coaching.  

Was planning on going to Australia to try for the Senior Tour but Then Covid hit and stopping those plans.

Now working at JK’s and based here am Happy to get back in to helping others improve their game and swing so to get even more enjoyment out of there game. Always having the dream to play and coach as a Professional is now on its way with the PGA as an added curare change.  

I have played in many tournaments over the years Rep for Auckland, New Zealand open Charles Tour tournament, played overseas Have enjoyed this game and what I have achieved over the years.

Helping other players to also improve and achieve always gives good satisfaction.

So if you’re ready for something different call up jump on. To Book in Call Jk’s on 09-275 6080 or if passing through ask at the counter or email,au But Be quick!