Frequently asked questions


  1. Will I get wet if it is raining? No, we have over 30 covered bays

  2. Do I need to book? Bookings are only necessary for groups of 10 or more people and also for club fittings

  3. Can I bring my own clubs? Yes you certainly can. We do have drivers to hire for $3 and all other clubs are free including kids clubs

  4. Can kids do it? What is the minimum age? We are open to all and any age groups, although adults must be responsible for young children and supervision is required at all times

  5. How long does a bucket last typically? Children tend to go through a basket fairly fast, but adults can draw it out, it all depends on the person and how they like to play

  6. Is smoking permitted? If no, where can we smoke? The driving range is considered an open area so smoking, while discouraged, is permitted

  7. How many people can fit in a bay? There is a limit of one person in a bay at a time, for safety reasons. There is a bench behind the bay where people can wait for their turn and watch their friends and family

  8. Are spectators allowed to come in? Spectators are welcome and there is no charge

  9. Is there a time limit on how long we are there for? You can hit your balls as fast or slow as you like. We do ask that you are considerate to others and that if you see people waiting try not to delay too much

  10. Are you open on public holidays? Yes. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year

  11. Do you sell drinks and food? We have some drinks and confectionery

  12. Can I book out a certain amount of bays? Yes, but we only take private bookings for large groups

  13. Can someone help me and show me how to do it? There are coaches that we can put you in touch with. However, the majority of people who come through have never picked up a golf club before and manage just fine. You may be able to get some tips from staff at the counter if they are not too busy

  14. Can I book the whole venue or part of the venue out for a function or work event? Potentially, please email us at jksgolf@xtra.co.nz with your request

  15. What if I don’t use all of my balls, do I get a refund? We do not offer refunds on driving range purchases

  16. How do I know which club to use? The majority of our clubs are standard length. We provide irons free of charge or drivers for $3. Irons are generally used for shorter, more accurate shots, while drivers are designed for distance. With irons, the higher the number (and any letters) on the iron, the higher, and shorter the ball will go. So if you are looking for distance you want a driver or an iron with a low number on it

  17. What is the short game area? We have an artificial green. This is designed for golfers to practice their pitching and putting on free of charge, all they need to do is bring their own equipment

  18. Do you have golf coaching? Yes we have coaching professionals that operate out of here. They come in to JK's World of Golf regularly. They don't work for us but we can put you in touch with them

  19. At night are there lights on the field so I can see where my ball goes? Yes, once the natural light starts to drop we turn on some floodlights to illuminate the range. If they are not already on, and you are having trouble seeing your balls, just let the staff member know and they can turn them on for you